50 years of psychological wealth, nine mind tips


50 years of psychological wealth, nine mind tips

Absolutely you are poor, rich or poor, do not learn a little practical psychological knowledge, and in the end may only be rich in people and money.

In this year, even the country will go bankrupt. What else is impossible?

Dear girls, please spare some space in your brain full of youthful fantasy, let me put a little bit of life management content for you, understand that this is the savings we can spend in the next 50 years.銆€銆€You are young, have a lot of initiative: you have a lot of time to squander, you can also flood the emotions from time to time.

However, in dealing with your head and pocket, you must be cautious.

As the saying goes, the economic foundation determines the superstructure. If you want to realize financial freedom earlier, you only need to lay a good foundation and make small changes in the details of life.

銆€銆€Detail 1: Study, read a book that is useful to you. If you are 18 years old, you are facing a choice of college majors, or you are 18 years old, but you are young enough to have a desire to learn.

Then choose some more practical subjects to recharge yourself. To some extent, what we have learned determines how much we will make in the future.

According to the probability, science students are indeed more profitable than liberal arts students, especially those who study in the basic disciplines of the military. They not only have solid theoretical foundations and strong calculation and resilience, but also are more indulged in the Chinese Department.For girls, they learn to be down-to-earth and are willing to do some practical work.

Of course, I am not denying the essence of a love story about life, and a wealth management magazine will definitely benefit you.

銆€銆€Detail 2: Health, the earlier the investment income increases, although we are still young, we are quite confident in our body.

Moreover, the Labor Contract Law also stipulates that any unit should give us three gold.

Therefore, desperately, Saburo is even more ignorant of healthy things.

Although we have to work hard in business, have you ever thought that the sub-health state at a young age can only cause troubles caused by your old age.

From now on, go to the regular physical examination once a year, which is expected to be good for your future.

You don’t want to ruin your love and future because of sudden illnesses in the days to come?

In addition, after your income has gradually increased to a certain extent, you can consider purchasing a pension insurance, knowing that insurance is bought earlier and cost-effective.

銆€銆€Detail 3: Shopping, chasing famous brands can only make you worse. This is a suggestion to specifically remind girls.

Some people say that a woman’s shopping attitude will clarify her financial business.

Sometimes, you think that you will calculate, but it is not.

For example, to waste time on a hawker for a few cents, it is better to make a list before shopping, then look at it again and delete those things that seem to be used for a lifetime.

Also, when shopping, it is recommended to choose to go to some familiar stores, because there are both good and friendly bosses, and there are often more discounts.

Rejecting those seemingly enticing brand-name stores will not only make you spend a lot of money, but will also make you vain and not optimistic.

銆€銆€Details 4: Friendship, what can be realized resources?

Friendship should also choose, go to business?

You think this is a shameful and snobbish thing, but it turns out that having a good network can save you a lot of money.

Friends who work in hospitals, catering, car dealerships, finance, consumer durables, electrical appliances, etc. are the most worthy of your contact and good relationship.

Regular friends gatherings often bring you surprises, and if you don’t have anything to do, you will be eager to open your newsletter. This will cause snobbery.

銆€銆€Detail 5: Work habits, like treating a passbook, we often refer to a term in terms of financial management: time cost.

People with good study and work habits usually save a lot of time.

They gradually change or reorganize well, so that the teacher or the boss can find her care and ability invisibly. This is often one of the ways that the teacher realizes and gives the boss a salary increase.

Moreover, office workers with good habits will not use their working hours to chat or gossip with their colleagues, nor will they cause the brand to be worn better than the boss. Show off such stupid things in front of customers. No way, work is work, youYou should learn to treat your work like a passbook. I believe that you are absolutely balanced in your work expenses and expenses.

銆€銆€Detail 6: Dress up, only invest in those important occasions. You feel panting because of rising prices, but you are not willing to lower your style and change the shopping venue from high-end shopping malls to supermarkets.

It is recommended to pay attention to some used stores.

Nothing is too shameful, young is all capital, there is no need to spend huge sums of money for vanity.

Look at those who buy thousands of dollars worth of clothes, can you cover their cheeks that are getting old.

If you need to participate in a special occasion, and such an occasion is a few years, you must wear a piece of clothing that is not lost, then you can say good to the boss, and then continue to sell it to him, you may be for a certainIt is enough to pay some cleaning fees for the evening feast.

In addition, many small-scale imitation big-name jewellery is quite exquisite, you do not hinder to consider buying a few pieces at any time.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that no matter which pair of good shoes, you should be in your investment plan.銆€銆€Detail 7: Housing, be cautious If you want to buy a house to live by yourself, then don’t analyze the trend of house prices after buying. The house you live in will never be an investment project, even if it rises to 1 million yuan, you mayDid you sell it to sleep on the road?

Moreover, if you buy a house, you must take precautionary measures. Unless you have the help of your family, you can pay for it. Otherwise, the house may be the biggest fixed investment project in your life. From then on, you will start working for the bank.

Moreover, this kind of pressure will become stronger and stronger. You may feel relaxed in the past few months. In the future, it will not only make your quality of life decline, but even make you deposit for several years.

Because after buying a house, we must also consider a series of issues such as taxation and renovation.

銆€銆€Detail 8: Communication, it seems that it is irrelevant. If your monthly mobile phone bill is a big number, please join some network packages, which will save you at least half of the money.

With the fierce competition of network operators, you can see some fresh packages launched almost every month, and without exception, they are getting cheaper.

Also, if you find yourself receiving some inexplicable service messages, MMS, and ring tones, please contact the service desk. You may have subscribed to some mobile services due to operational errors.

In addition, I found that there are a lot of thumb madmen on the university campus. Don’t think that SMS is a very money-saving thing. Often, 5 text messages can’t be clearly explained. Less than a minute of phone calls can be solved. Why?Spend money and be yourself and others.

銆€銆€Detail 9: Sports, there are some 鈥渉yun鈥?sports popular in the consumer city without luxury. Some say, hot yoga, pilates, squash. However, their cost is quite 鈥渉yun鈥? an environmentMid-range yoga club membership card, ranging from a thousand dollars to more than 10,000 yuan.

Moreover, according to my own finding, too many people have left because they have insufficient perseverance, or they have no choice but to use it as a bath card (because the water is good, they will take a bath in winter). Sports is an investment in health.It suddenly turned into a luxury consumption.

In fact, the simplest aerobic and anaerobic exercise can satisfy you, running to work every day, or playing in a community or school with a nearby stadium is the most economical and effective way to invest.