Three absolutely dangerous sex dramas


Three absolutely dangerous sex dramas

If the three absolutely dangerous sex foreplay movies are traced back to the source, one of the reasons for the erotic film is to increase the sex hormone content in the body before sex.

But the latest research finds that more and more fragrant visual stimuli make the human nervous system extremely excited. With such high stimulation, the brain is often in anoxic state.

Although the temporary hypoxia of the brain can add a dreamy sexual pleasure to some people, but after a long time, the brain lacks oxygen and exceeds the physiological limit, people will feel dizzy, collapse, and stop seeing these symptoms as intense sex.Normally, they are actually a manifestation of the loss of autonomic nerves in the human body. Over time, heart and brain functions are impaired.

Alcohol does not know whether it really originated from ancient customs, or the romantic apocalypse of the director’s flash of light. In short, alcohol has become a lust stimulant used in movies.

Shakespeare first pointed out that “wine stimulates lust, but makes action into bubbles.”

Indeed, the surface of alcohol is helpful, but it is defeated.

Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has considered that it is a gas-stained injury in the drinking room.

Although the excitability of the brain nervous system is temporarily increased after drinking, sexual function is temporarily reduced.

Women may have ovarian dysfunction that affects normal ovulation; men have erectile dysfunction or shortened adherence time.

Drinking sex will increase insulin-binding globulin in males, damage retinal pills, and reduce their ability to produce insulin peptone sex hormones.

In addition, 70% of the sperm after drinking may be underdeveloped. If pregnant in this situation, 26% of high blood pressure will have health problems, especially mental retardation.

Weapons: Whether you choose imported champagne, strong white spirits, popular beer, or wines that have always been labeled with health, all are “abstinence” within 2 hours after drinking.

Hot water bath before cleaning things, love to clean, talk about hygiene, take a bath first, of course, nothing wrong, but there are many people who take a few minutes of bathing as a prelude to sex.

In fact, hot water baths that consume more than 5 minutes consume a lot of physical energy, and sex requires sufficient physical energy reserves. In this case, sex is often shortened.

At the same time, the human body gradually relaxes under the action of hot water, and the whole body enters a state of rest. It is difficult for each organ to be excited quickly. Intense sexual love will cause severe congestion and damage of the sexual organs, and the rapid pulling action will easily damage the muscle fibers.

Most importantly, long-term hot water baths can reduce the sensitivity of the human body, especially the sensitivity of female sexual organs. At this time, it is more difficult to reach orgasm.

Weapons: If you do body cleaning before sex, control it within 5 minutes each time; if you want to enjoy a romantic double bath, instead of lingering time to move to sex.