During the cold dew, you should eat white radish, doctor: more nutritious with these three ingredients


During the cold dew, you should eat white radish, doctor: more nutritious with these three ingredients

In the twinkling of an eye, it came to the solar dew festival, and its arrival indicated that the weather temperature will become colder and colder, which means that most of the area has entered the late autumn, even when the sun is still at noon, the temperature is far from reaching.30 掳 C a while ago.

At this time, the health is to eat some warm-to-eat ingredients, and white radish is a very good choice.

White radish is a kind of root-stem vegetable. It is completely cheap and good. It is not bad for nutrition and eating. When it comes to eating, some people may pay more attention. White radish can directly eat cold radish strips, cooked and cooked.Very delicious.

What I want to tell you today is, don’t eat white radish again. After adding the following ingredients, the therapeutic effect will be more gratifying.

When eating white radish: Adding tofu tofu is one of the first choices for daily intake. Whether it is north-south tofu, dried tofu, etc., it is one of the soy products, which is a small amount of food that cannot be added to the pagoda.

However, because the price of white radish is close to the people, the protein content is not high. From the nutritional content of white radish, the protein content per 100 grams of white radish only contains zero.

68 grams.

Adding tofu is a perfect dish. Tofu can be said to be a high-protein, low-migration food. It can replace the lack of protein in white radish, thus transforming the complementary effects. When you do it, everyone can match it.

When eating white radish: Many people add spinach to the spinach, because of the sputum and oxalic acid contained in the spinach.

In fact, you don’t have to worry too much. As long as it is cooked, boiled, etc., the content of sorghum and oxalic acid in spinach will be greatly discounted. Even the gout people can eat some spinach.

If it is matched with white radish, it has more fiber content, which is the best match for constipation symptoms in middle-aged and elderly people. Plus other nutrients such as trace elements and minerals are not low.A food that maintains the normal physiological functions of the body.

At the same time, it can also meet the needs of the human body for dark vegetables. If you really don’t like spinach, it is also possible to mix with the spinach. The filling fiber content in the spinach is not low, and it is also very positive for the laxative.effect.

When eating white radish: Many mutton mutton radish soup has been eaten. The reason why it is so matched is that radish is a cold food, and mutton is a warm food. The combination is just a warm-filled food.Fire does not affect your health.

It is about to be rich in vitamin C content in radish, which can account for about 14 mg of vitamins per 100 grams. In this season of easy frostbite, it can be used to enhance the body’s immunity.

At the same time, everyone needs to pay attention to it, because the amount of mutton is not as much as pork, but it should be appropriate, and less seasonings.

Dear friends, do you like to eat white radish?

How are you eating?

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